Noam Chomsky

“Plastic Oceans deserves the support and participation of all of us who hope to bequeath a livable world to future generations.”

– Noam Chomsky

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The Foundation

Our mission is to change the world’s attitude toward plastic within one generation

Plastic pollution is a global issue that impacts our ocean, our health and our wellbeing. Through education, science and our film, we are working to stem the tide of plastic entering the ocean, before it is too late.

Our Request? Rethink Plastic.

Environmental Impact

“There is no away – because plastic is so permanent and so indestructible. When you cast it into the ocean, there is no away”
Sir David Attenborough

Human Impact

Once in the ocean, plastic litter affects the safety of sea transport, fisheries, tourism and recreation. When broken down into tiny pieces, plastic attracts toxic chemicals released over decades from industry and agriculture, the concentration of which increases as they move up the food chain.

Exposures to these chemicals have been suggested to contribute to some cancers, and infertility, as well as immune, metabolic, cognitive and behavioural disorders. The entry of plastic pieces into our food chain is of concern to human health.

Recent News

A Plastic Ocean screens in Macedonia

A Plastic Ocean Makes BIG Splash in Macedonia

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Microplastics – what’s the risk to land, our food, and our health?

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US Embassy in Peru

Change Is Possible: US State Department to Phase Out Styrofoam from Embassy in Peru

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More evidence that change is possible in our global effort to reduce single-use plastics. On April 26, 2017, we partnered with the U.S. State Department and B-Green to screen A Plastic…