The film’s message raises the awareness of plastic pollution and the existing solutions.

Today, more than 8 million tons of plastic pollution enter our oceans. It is time to take action!

Create #AWaveofChange is an awareness and social action campaign that will accompany the release of A Plastic Ocean. Through audience engagement with global and national calls to action, the campaign aims to raise awareness, funding, and social change by activating millions of people to rethink plastic.


Take Action Now!


What sets Plastic Oceans Foundation apart as an organization is that through our film we have gained a global view of the issue and have worked with scientists from around the world, on the ocean and in the laboratories, to develop a unique 3 pillar approach that turns the messages of the film into actions – creating a wave of change that we need.


It is only through awareness of the issue that people will begin to care about marine life and the importance of a healthy ocean and how we can protect it.

Education Program


The right interventions for plastic: value and stewardship stops plastic reaching the oceans.

Business & Sustainability Program


Making the science count: driving change for the oceans – for good.