Our Team

Craig Leeson


Tanya Streeter

Free Diver/Environmental Activist

Jo Ruxton


Adam Leipzig


Sonjia Norman

Executive Producer

Daniel Auerbach

Executive Director

David Jones

Executive Advisor

Geoff Brighty

Head of Plastic Oceans Science and Policy


Addesium Foundation
Adessium Foundation aspires to a society that encourages people to live in harmony with each other and with their environments. The Foundation works to achieve a balanced society characterized by integrity, a balance between people and nature, and social harmony.

Hemera Foundation
The Hemera Foundation supports innovative organizations and initiatives that foster basic human goodness in individuals and society.

Scientists Featured in Film

Dr. Lindsay Porter
Whales and Dolphins

Professor Maria Cristina Fossi
Toxins in whales

Dr. Bonnie Monteleone
Plastic distribution in the oceans

Dr. François Galgani
Deep ocean plastics

Dr. Jennifer Lavers

Dr. Michael Gonsior

Professor Susan Jobling
Human toxicology, Brunel University


Additional Scientific Advisors for Film

Dr. Geoff Brighty
Plastic Oceans Science and Policy, waste management

Professor Tamara Galloway
Plankton and plastic

Professor Richard Thompson
Global expert on ocean plastics

Dr. Marcus Eriksen
5 Gyres, plastic distribution

Dr. Mark Anthony Browne
Microplastics in seafood

Dr. Chelsea Rochman
Toxins attraction to plastic

Dr. Suzanne Brander
Plankton feeding on microplastics

Dr. Alison Taylor
Plankton feeding on microplastics

Dr. Hans Van Weenen
Plastic pellet distribution

Professor Edward Kosior
Waste management, plastic to diesel, closed-loop technology