Clara Salina wins award from Zero Waste UK

picking up award at zero waste uk

Clara Salina wins award from Zero Waste UK

We like to support people with good ideas and one such person working to reduce the plastic pollution in the environment is Clara Salina.

Clara was recently awarded a prize by Zero Waste UK for her barcode vs plastic proposal. Her idea is to extend bar coding to include information that will mean producers can take responsibility for the plastic they provide – essentially 100% traceability. Clara is an Italian scientist based in Chile and was unable to pick up her award so we went to the ceremony on her behalf.

Clara gave us the following to read out:
Zero Waste UK award“Since I’m not here in person, permit me to express my gratitude to “Investor in Zero Waste” for this recognition to my job. I want to thank as well Dr Geoff Brighty from Plastic Oceans, who is collecting the award on my behalf, but also overall my husband who has never given up supporting me in this adventure. It has been and still is a really tough job, I could count only on a very few people, whilst trying to reach out to people everywhere. But it is worth the effort.

Barcode vs. Plastic Waste proposal’s page has been visited almost 4000 from around 100 countries. The approach gives the chance for 100% traceability (per gram) of plastic sold by retail and, while it is perfectly compatible in countries that have Extended Producer Responsibility –EPR– laws which has done so much to address packaging waste management and raise awareness, it is also a chance for those that do not have the economic capability to create the recycling system requested by the ERP law model. Barcode vs. Plastic Waste idea increases the possibility to reach 100% recycling worldwide of End Fragment through traceability. Simply adding some information to barcodes, and with political and regulatory validation and support, we can stop polluting worldwide.

Don’t you thing it is a fascinating idea??”

Yes Clara, we think its a great idea.

You can read Clara’s proposal by downloading it from