We want to change the world’s attitude towards plastic within a generation

Plastic Oceans is a global network of independent not-for-profits and charitable organizations, united in their aims to change the world’s attitude towards plastic within a generation. There are currently four Plastic Oceans Foundation entities: United States, Canada, Hong Kong and United Kingdom serving both the ocean and the public.

Every year we are producing more than 300 million tonnes of plastic, half of this is designed for single use, and each year around 8 million tonnes of it ends up in our oceans. Plastic Oceans is working to change the way we deal with plastic waste by challenging society’s perception that this indestructible substance can be treated as ‘disposable’.

Plastic Oceans Foundation engages people of all ages, in all social situations, to understand the danger of continuing to perceive plastic to be disposable. Once they become aware of the ultimate threat to human health, it will become a personal choice to prevent plastic waste from entering the environment. We plan to tackle this issue, initially through an awareness campaign by the release of our documentary feature film, A Plastic Ocean. We will continue to spread the message of the film and promote solutions through 3 key Pillars, Education, Business and Sustainability and Science across the globe. Click on Projects for more info.

Global Operations

Julie Andersen

Executive Director Plastic Oceans Foundation

Emma Langson

Executive Director Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada

Jo Ruxton

Director of Education

David Jones

Business and Sustainability Advisor

Geoff Brighty

Science and Policy Advisor


Julian Lennon

White Feather Foundation

Tanya Streeter

World Champion Free Diver

Paul Rose

BBC, British Antarctic Survey

Hong Kong Board of Directors

Daniel Auerbach

Senior Managing Director, Managing Partner, Eight Roads Ventures China (Formerly Fidelity Growth Partners Asia, India and Japan).

Sonjia Norman

Solicitor. Owner Myst Limited. Fashion labels Sonjia and Chibi.

William Pfeiffer

CEO, Globalgate. Global adviser to WTA, and senior adviser to Lionsgate Entertainment.

Steven Matthew

Regional Manager, Hyde Marine Asia.

Matthew Reid

Executive Director, Dean & DeLuca. Owner / Director Double D. Founder, owner and Director, Maximal Concepts Group. Board Director, Hong Kong Shark Foundation.

Karen Chang

Founder and Partner, Globe Creative (Partners with National Geographic).

Board Counsel:

Edmond Leung

Partner, Tanner DeWitt.

UK Trustees

Sonjia Norman

Solicitor. Owner Myst Limited. Fashion labels Sonjia and Chibi.

Sian Sutherland

Chief, Insider. Entrepreneur. Co-Founder of Mio and Mama Mio. Chair of FilmAid UK

Global Advisers

Dr Sylvia Earle

Explorer in Residence, National Geographic. First female Chief Scientist, US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Time Magazine: First “hero for the planet”. Founder of Mission Blue.

Adam Leipzig

CEO Entertainment Media Partners. Ex President, National Geographic Films (March of the Penguins). Producer, A Plastic Ocean.

Craig Leeson

Founder of Leeson Media International and Ocean Vista Films. Chairman of 1 Shot Hong Kong Film Festival. Asia correspondent for Seven Network and an international Correspondent for Al Jazeera Media Network.

Wendy Smith

Wendy has a career spanning politics, commerce, entertainment and philanthropy. She started as Advisor, Trip Director and Deputy Director of Scheduling and Advance, The White House (Bill Clinton) and later went on to roles including Head of Communications CAA, and SVP Global Communications, Ralph Lauren.

Tamara Gillan

Founder and CEO Cherry London (Brand Partnerships).

Supporting Organisations

The topic of plastic pollution is reaching a tipping point. More and more individuals and organisations are prepared to change to protect human health and the environment. As our film is viewed around the world and that wave of change becomes more evident, our 5 projects will harness that energy.

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